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Paleo-Americans First

Access the Past. Effect the Present.


In ensuring the culture of the negroid American Aboriginal (Paleo-American / Mound Builder), there are initiatives focused on ensuring our culture and heritage does not lapse into the night as abandoned....

Reconstruction of Olmec as a living language

ISO 639 / Joint Advisory Committee

[ISO 639/JAC]

Note - ISO means the International Standards Organization. ISO 639 contains the international standard short codes of two to four letters for language names. The Library of Congress (LoC) has been designated the Registration Authority (ISO 639-2/RA) for the purpose of processing requests for new additions/modifications.

Mother language instruction "a powerful way to fight discrimination" says UNESCO Director-General

International Phonetic Alphabet Trainer

Note - Utilizing best practices is helpful. These international symbols and their representations of the human vocal sounds for language will assist in re-establishing and publishing a standard for a cultural language that is our own.

Download an Excel spreadsheet containing the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet)