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Paleo-Americans First

Access the Past. Effect the Present.


2015 04 24

In our continuing flight pattern for the most effective route to seek the full implementation of Human Rights in America, we have been informed that this signature drive could have been in vain without seeking legislative funding. We now are seeking the best mechanism to reach out to our legislators, who ratified the Charter of the United Nations treaty, and deposited it in the federal statutes at large as 59 Stat. 1033 - 1218. In order for POTUS Barack Obama to move forward, Congress must allocate funding for the Interagency Workforce on Human Rights Treaties in order for the People of America to have a federal focal point for human rights violations reporting.  

We have a preliminary agreement with a non-profit organization which may alter the configuration as well as welcome our first potential flight partner on this campaign.

Our vector also comes with a responsibility for the People to enact the human rights treaties in a manner that is both effective and not disruptive to Ourselves. Chaos benefits no human being, even while being the natural opposite of Order. While having high-level generality, declarations of the UN general assembly serve to specify the obligations of member nations under the Charter of the United Nations, which is a federal law. The declarations are the tightening of the vision from afar to bring the focus up close to the situation. We welcome the federal legislature to ascends to safeguard all human rights and touch down with action-based, grounded, tangible

Executive Order 13107 was issued during the Clinton administration. This December 1998 executive order established the Interagency Workforce on Human Rights Treaties at the national level "for the purpose of providing guidance, oversight, and coordination with respect to questions concerning the adherence to and implementation of human rights obligations and related matters." Furthermore, a head for this federal agency has not been appointed in over fifteen (15) years, nor has a budget been established for the agency to-date.

The "Ascend to Safeguard Our Human Dignity" movement begins with our sights on manifesting the Interagency Workforce on Human Treaties. This initiative is a combination of physical signatures, online signatures, fund-raising as well as a petition to the President of the United States Barack Obama and the National Security Agency Advisor Susan Rice. JOIN US in this worthy collective social engineering movement to fully manifest human rights into public policy in the USA.

The Supreme Court of the United States has held that Human Rights are NOT self-executing in the United States. Therefore, we must push, advocate, petition, raise awareness and educate one another as well as our public officials. We must demand the United States / United States of America take the responsible step, as a founding and permanent member of the United Nations, to deploy human rights accordingly at the national-level. There is no current federal entity accountable for addressing human rights complaints from the people. This initiative is specifically geared to resolve this lack.

CLICK HERE to show your support and SIGN our ONLINE PETITION...!!!!

April 7th at 7pm EST and again April 8th at 6pm EST we made our first campaign appearance on the Ron March Show bringing civics and the issue of human rights to the People of Detroit, Michigan. Excerpts from the two-day visit are to the left.

Recall that the United Nations has already had to step in once and help when the basic human right to water was being infringed upon. Now we seek to galvanize the people to get involved, learn, educate themselves about human rights and contribute to our goal of 10,000 signatures within the next 6 months.