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Paleo-Americans First

Access the Past. Effect the Present.

This journey begins with the author reuniting with a college friend who inferred negroid-looking peoples were the first modern humans to set foot in the Americas; tens thousands of years before the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Hoping to refute this inference, the author traced through both modern and historical scientific writings concerning the history of modern humans in the Western Hemisphere. The inference was confirmed over and over and over again as scientifically accurate. 

In 2007, the author corrected his name to Neser Em Neheh Ali to reflect a spiritual reconnection with the human family, and accordingly filled out the 2010 Census identifying his race as Paleo-American. Mr. Neheh is the Principal Head of Tepiu-āui-Rā Nation; currently pursuing to have Paleo-American and/or Paleo-Indian added to the Racial Hierarchy Code established by OMB Directive 15. He is also the President of Pale-Americans First, Inc., an educational, advocacy and consulting firm.

Mr. Neheh matriculated through Fisk University in Nashville (Tennessee) and then through Huston-Tillotson University in Austin (Texas) to complete his Bachelor's in Biology, and then matriculated through University of Phoenix to complete his MBA. Mr. Ali currently serves as a Human Rights Defender in addition to his many other duties.